Poqet model numbers

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Poqet model numbers

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Just collecting the model/accessory numbers since i sometimes get confused myself.

Classic (540 KB model)

PQ0164 - US classic
PQ0165 - British classic
PQ0166 - German (?) classic
PQ0167 - French classic
PQ0168 - Unknown (Mentioned in technical manual)

PQ1164 - Unknown (Mentioned in technical manual)

Prime (640 KB model)

PQ0181 - US keyboard prime model
PQ0182 - Unknown keyboard model
PQ0183 - German keyboard prime model
PQ0184 - French keyboard prime model
PQ0185 - Never mentioned!!!
PQ0186 - English (?) Keyboard model

Poqet Plus

PQ-0201 - US Plus model
PQ-0204 - French (?) Plus model

Poqet Pad (Plus)

PQ-3010 - Poqet Pad Plus (?)
PQ-3011 - Poqet Pad Plus
Which one is the poqet Pad without the plus?


PQ-0539 - Serial/Modem cable (?)
PQ-0545 - Poqet Link cable
PQ-0571 - Serial cable
PQ-0572 - Parallel cable

Other Accessories

PQ-0511 - 3.5" Floppy disk drive
PQ-0574 - AC Adapter (US) for Poqet Pad Plus (And others?)

PQ-0611-01 32KB SRAM card
PQ-0611-02 64KB SRAM card
PQ-0611-04 256KB SRAM card
PQ-0611-06 512KB SRAM card


PQ-0715 Lotus 1-2-3
PQ-0721 Lotus Metro/Express
PQ-0774 Lotus Agenda
PQ-0727 AlphaWorks
PQ-0733 ACT!
PQ-0751 Lucid 3-D
PQ-0763 XyWrite III Plus
PQ-0742 PoqetTools 5-1/4 inch
PQ-0758 PoqetTools 3-1/2 inch
PQ-0766 Poqet Utilities 5-1/4 inch
PQ-0792 Poqet Utilities 3-1/2 inch
PQ-0747 Poqet LAPLINK Mac

Warranty Packs

PQ-0879 VIP Service Program
PQ-0862 Extended Warranty

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