HP OmniGo 100

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HP OmniGo 100

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Hi. I didn't see the HP OmniGo 100 in the list. There's a short description at Wikipedia:

"The HP OmniGo 100 (F1305A) was designed as a more sophisticated successor to the LX series, and incorporated the HP-12C calculator functionality. It was GUI based, controlled by pen input or keyboard. However, it lacked the versatility of running unmodified DOS programs. The normal operation mode was with DOS-based PEN/GEOS and Graffiti handwriting recognition. It was not widely accepted as a calculator replacement, and Palm and Pocket PCs became acceptable as PDAs. It was based on the Vadem VG230, a highly integrated system controller with 16 MHz NEC V30HL CPU, instruction set compatible with the Intel 80186."


I had one in the early 2000s, well after the 1995 release. The note about running DOS programs only applies to the GEOS UI, I think. I definitely accessed a DOS prompt and was able to run some unmodified DOS programs. I was trying to get some DOS networking going over a PCMCIA network card, modem, or the built-in serial port, but never succeeded.

I thought it was interesting as a non-Palm device with Graffiti handwriting recognition. I used it for calendar, currency conversion, and a bit of writing when I wasn't trying to make it do other things. I guess it was cheaper than an HP-12C when I got it, though I didn't have any use for a finance calculator.

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Re: HP OmniGo 100

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Yeah i guess i should add it to the list. The 100 and 120. Afaik you could not run unmodified DOS appz by default, but i think there was some GEOS tool that would let you run at least some basic stuff. Personally i think of these more like a GEOS handheld, but technically there is a DOS under the hood.

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