Possible upgrades of the PC-110

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Possible upgrades of the PC-110

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OK, so here i will try to list all upgrades for the PC-110. If you know one that is not listed here then let me know.

- Memory. This is obviously no surprise. The IBM PC-110 comes with 4MB internal memory and one slot for extra memory. Standard was a 4MB module - 3rd party modules for 16MB were also available. Some people made custom modifications that had up to 32MB, but i think the BIOS will only count up to 28 MB...

- Case. There were some nice 3rd party cases avialable from T-Zone in colors like red, blue and green.

- Modem. There was a 3rd party upgrade to replace the internal modem with a faster 28.8K Version.

- Swivel. Another mod installs a swivel with a carrying loop.

- CPU overclocking. With some copper wire you could shorten some contacts of the clock generator and boost the CPU from 33MHz to a whooping 40MHz

- Battery compartment extension. A rather scary mod involves cutting out a part of the bottom case to install a much larger battery. Worst mod i have ever seen.

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