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A remarkable oddball already on the first sight this small laoptop (Netbook) features a color TFT touch screen as the touchpad. And it gets even more interesting under the hood since the touchpad is actually a complete Linux PC itself with ARM processor, RAM, Harddisk(Flash), network and USB. It even seems to have a sound card (Which is not used afaik). Originally just PC-NJ70a (Without Microsoft office) and PC-NJ80a (With office personal). Sometimes also written with a "B" or "W" added like PC-NJ70A-B where "B" stands for black and "W" stands for white. there are also the PC-NJ70B and PC-NJ-80B which are the same machines, just with Windows 7 starter instead of Windows Vista Home basic.

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General Tips:

- You can turn the japanese Vista into the english one without re-installing by using Vistalizator, a free tool to change the Vista (Or Win7) OS language
- The Touchpanel Display actually has its own CPU and memory. It seems its a USB device. I suspect you could communicate with it using the SPA.dll, but i havent researched much further yet. Yet there was no SDK released.
- The PC-NJ80A is the same model it just comes with Micosoft office.
- Installing Windows XP or Windows 7 is quite easy as the supplied drivers work on both of these systems as well.

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Intel Atom N270 (1.60 GHz)
Chipset: Mobile Intel® 945GSE Express chip set /ICH7-M
System Bus: 533 MHz
Memory: Standard is 1 GB, has 2 Memory Slots (DDR2)
Screen: 10.1" WVGA (1024x600)
LCD Touch Panel: FWVGA 854 x 480 Touchscreen, 65536 Colors
Graphics: Built-in Intel Chipset (945), maximum 256 MB Video Ram (Of shared main memory)
External Display Resolution: Max 2048 x 1536
Keyboard: 86 Keys (Japanese JIS layout)
Webcam: 1.3 Megapixel (Pear USB 2.0)
Microphone: Mono
Harddisk Drive: Fujitsu 160 GB SATA 2.5"
Network: 100BASE-TX/10BASE-T (Realtek RTL 8102/8103 Family PCI-Express)
WLan: Gigabyte GN-WS32L
Bluetooth: Toshiba Family Bluetooth (Ver 2.1 EDR)
Cardreader: SD/XD/MemoryStick
USB: 3 Ports (USB 2.0)
Graphical Ports: VGA
Audio Ports: Microphone-In, Headphones
Additional Features: Stylus (Can be hidden in Case), Slot for Kensington Lock
Battery Life with Standard battery: Around 3 hours (Charging takes ~4 hours)
Power Supply: Input 100 Volts (!!!), output is 19 Volt 3.42 A (Need a different power supply or voltage converter outside Japan)

SDK: No SDK was released despite Sharps promises. Some Linux activists threatened to sue them, so they released the GPL based linux of the touchpad. Sharp mentioned loads of new Games for the touch pad - snowboarding, baseball and so on, but they seem to have forgotten to publish these...