DOS Palmtop: Fujitsu INTERTop model 20 Details and specs

Fujitsu INTERTop model 20

About this machine:

The Fujitsu INTERTop model 20 was released exclusively in Japan. A bit too large to be called a Palmtop, but still cute and interesting enough to make it to my list. Compared to the IBM PC110 it is not so impressive, especially if you consider that it came out 2 years later, has less Features and is considerably larger. Still this is a fun machine to play with since it Comes with MS-DOS 6.2 in ROM, can boot from PCMCIA and the Keyboard is quite nice to use. There was also a "Docomo" model which afaik only differed by the applications included and half size of the Flash memory. It has a tablet and the Screen can be tilted 180 degrees so you effectively have a tablet. The "hard disk" is actually a 12MB CF Card which can easily be swapped, so that is actually a nice Feature. Weird Thing is that like the IBM PC110 you can use These Sony NP-F550 batteries. I guess the Japanese just loved that battery pack...


CPU: 80486sx @ 66MHz (assumption)
Graphics: VGA
Display: 256 Color 7.2" DSTN LCD 640x480
Memory (RAM): 4 MB RAM
ROM (Software): 12 MB Compact Flash based SSD, leaving 3.5 MB for user data
I/O ports: RS232 Serial (Proprietary connector), 1 x PCMCIA Type II slot, 33.6Kbps fax modem, IRDA 1.0
Sound: PC Speaker
Operating System: MS-DOS 6.2 (Japanese)
Software: Loads of Japanese PIM software. Browser, email Client and more included
Size: 210 x 149.5 x 29 mm
Powered by: Rechargable li-ion battery (Sony NP-F550 compatible)or AC adaptor (included)
Weight: 750 gram including battery
Special features: Boots from PCMCIA, color screen, modem, Infrared, touchscreen, can be converted to tablet
Released: 12th of June 1997
Originally retailed for:: 128,000 Yen
Clone of: Not a clone
Similar models: Gateway 2000 handbook

- Quite powerful
- Good Keyboard if the Japanese layout doesn't bother you
- Touchscreen
- HDD (CF Card) can easily be replaced
- Can use generic sony Camcorder battery clones

- Battery life obviously shorter than some 8086 based palmtops
- Quite big
- Impossible to get outside of Japan
- No AA batteries

Collector Value:
8 of 10

Usage Value:
7 of 10

A bit of an oddball, it doesn't fit this list so well because it's a bit too big and doesn't use AA-Batteries. Still it's a cool vintage machine and since it boots from PCMCIA and the system drive CF-Card can be easily replaced there's loads of stuff to do with it. The Touchscreen and tablet conversion Feature are obviously rather pointless, would have been better if they included a mouse stick instead. Also just 1 PCMCIA Slot, but if you install a large CF Card with your favorite OS then you can use the PCMCIA for a wifi or Network Card. Ah yeah and it should have a Sound Card, that would be neat.

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